We are fortunate to work with many community, healthcare, and governmental organizations who refer indigent women and children patients to LeAlem Higher Clinic, for free healthcare supported by EHN. (Pictured above, OSSA HIV mobile testing and counseling facility.)

Atetegeb Worku Memorial Childcare Association (info link)
Debre Selam St. Estifanos Church
Debre Selam St. Saint Urael Church
Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus-Gerji Congregation
Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers’ Church-Gerji Local Church
Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers’ Church-Hayahulet Mazoria Local Church
Gospel Light Ministries Church-Addis Ababa
Gurdshola Meserete Kirstos Church
Kebena Meseret Kristos Church
Kirkos Sub City Woreda 1
Kirkos Sub City Woreda 8
Nifas Silk Meserete Kirstos Church
Organization for Social Services for AIDS (OSSA)
Redeem the Generation
Rhobot International Gospel Ministry Church
Studio Samuel Foundation info link
The Light of Victory Church
Tinsaie Birhan Primary School
Welle Mohammed Mosque
Yeka Sub City Woreda 11
Yeka Sub City Woreda 5
Yeka Sub City Woreda 7
Yeka Sub City Woreda 8