Honor Roll

Ethiopia Healthcare Network is blessed by the generosity and hard work of many extraordinary people. The individuals and organizations below are honored as friends of Ethiopia, those who have helped bring healthcare and alleviate suffering among the poorest people in the world.

Founders ($100,000+)
Jim Wilson
Benefactors ($10,000+)
Caroline and John Merriam
Lois Gibbons Parker (in memoriam)
George Ricalton (in memoriam)
The Family of Gladys and Stewart Shinn
Joan Gibbons Wilson (in memoriam)
Carolyn Wilson
Elizabeth O. Adu
Kioumars and Manijeh Aghazadeh
Donald R. Allen
Anneliesa Clump Alprin
Jeff Anderson
Jim Appleman
Francisco Aragón
Anne Arbuthnot
Charles Arbuthnot
Margaret Arbuthnot
Nancy and Steve Arbuthnot
Jean Arnold
Donna Attanasio
Rev. Jim and Rev. Roxana Atwood
Kathy D. Bailey
Telile Bayisse
Angela Beckman
Robert Bell
Warren Bell
Malissa Bennett
David Berezansky
Sarah J. Bias
Sandra Parker Bieri
Thomas Birch
Jeremiah Bishop
Gennet Bissate
John and Joan Bissell
Daniel Boettcher
Rebecca Bowen
Judith and William Braucht
Elizabeth Braxton
James Brigagliano and Joan McKown
Ambassador Reuben Brigety
Tim Brooker
Linc Brookes
Margarita Brose
Rex Brouillard
Ailing C. Brown
William and Jane Campbell
Harry and Floride Canter
Harry Canter, Jr. and Karen Canter
Elizabeth Carter
Virginia Chandler
Franklin Chow
James C. Chung
Mabel Clark
Paul and Nancy Clark
Carnegie and Doris Clian
Grant Clowery
Anneliesa Clump
Susanne Coffey
Theresa A. Condon
John and Cheryl Coogan
Anna E. Cook
Sharon Core
Laura Cunningham and Scott Ramsey
Hon. John Win Dayton
Dorothy L. De Court
Theresa Dellasandro
Amy Delouise and John Bader
Beverly Glasure Dempsey
David and Margaret Dikel
Thomas and Laura Dillon
Dr. and Mrs. Alemayehu Dinku
Doris Dixon
Craig and Nicole Dobson
Lincoln and Janice Dring
William Dudley
Beth Duris
Merritt and Sue Ann Silvis Ednie
Roy Englert
Pamela Evans
Sarah and Carmen Facciobene
Andrea L. Farb
Joanna J. Felsenthal
Paul and Julie Fiddick
Colleen and Mark Finks
Robert Fisher
Laurie Beth Fitz
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Joy Flood
Kate Flore
Dale and Carole Flowers
Max Foster
Christine Fuentes
Patty Fulton
Aurora Gamboa-Spikol
Amy and Charles Gardner
Frances and Roger Gench
Geoffrey Gerhadt and Lisa Taschenberger
Pamela Gerhardt
Carol Gilbert
David Gill
Steven and Ann Glickman
Jolie Golomb
John Goto
Diane L. Gottheil
Erik and Renee Gutshall
Magda Hageman
R.K. Hallett, Jr.
Sarah Hays Hallett
Brian and Ruth Hamilton
Heather Harkins
John and Judith Harrald
Dale Harris
Bruce and Sharon Harrison
William H. Harter
William Hayden
Alan and Faye Hegburg
Burton Hoffman
Jean Hoffman
Vorda Honnold
Steve Hoppe
Tamara Horton
Ryan S. Howell
Brad and Keri Hufford
Janice and Dr. Terry Hufford
Jack and Sarah Hume
Gareth and Vida Icenogle
Vivian B. Ivy
Amy Leigh Johnson
Anne and Art Johnson
Karen Lee Jones
William Jones
Susan Kalish
David R. Kammerer
Catherine H. Keeley
Nancy Kiefer
Sabrina and Jason Kemp
Timothy and Rosemary Anderson Kendall
Anna Kenney
John and Andrea Kenny
Vivien Kilner
Amy Kimball
Albert and Marcia Kingman
Dennis and Judith Kless
Jane and Albert Knaus
William F. Kugel
Barbara Burch Kuhn
Lisa Kuhn
Louis and Marcela Labrecque
Edwin B. Lamont
Chris and Lauren Larson
Howard Larson
Kurt Laubinger
Sidney Lawrence
Tracy Lea
Hui C. Lee
Myron Lehtman
Peter and Stacy Leff
Priscilla and David Little
Majorie Lofthouse
Catherine Long
Peter Lovenheim
Kate and Wayne Lynn
John Lytle
Judith A. Marchese
Murrey Marder
Deborah Margraff
Jill Martin
Maj. Beth Kantor Mason
John Mathison
Connie Campbell Massie
Mary Ann Binns Matteson
Robert McDonald
Mary Lynne McKenzie
Gail McCormick
Jack McClendon
Phyllis McMeekin
Michael J. Mead
Scott Mead
Joan P. Medway, Ph.D.
Patricia H. Megliola
Carrie Mierzwa and Stephen Jackson
Dean and Martha Mitchell
Greta Morris
Bill Mould
Thomas and Elizabeth Mullany
Harry and Laura Murray
Gordon Myers
Melissa Naffziger
Suzanne Nagi
Katherine Nevius
Harry M. Ng
Ralisoa Noro
Mary Ann Norwood
Tiffany Norwood
Valerie A. Norville
Letitia Obeng
Robert Oppelt
Vivian Otteman
Barbara Papendorp
Sharon Papp
Suzan M. Panarese
Dorothy B. Parker
Sara Parker
William Parker
Richard Parsons
Carol Petrie
Paulo and Charis Petrovitch
Rick Philbin
William and Catherine Phillippe
Gary and Barbara Pinder
Melva Pocky
Rosemary and Richard Postle
Gunnar Pribadi
Katie Pugliese
Mike Quinn
Sherry Kurz Ramos (in memoriam)
Mary Ann Rashid
Larry Reagan
Kay Reed
Janet Reed
Stephanie Reed
Jessica Reinhardt
Jannette Ricalton
Patricia Ricalton
Patty Griffin Ricalton
Mr. & Mrs. William Risso
Brian E. Robinson
Robert Roche
Joan Romaine
Maria Romer
Steven Rose and Ann Horvath-Rose
William Saint
Sue and Steve Sanders
Kermit Scheele
Maryanne Schiller
August and Susan Schumacher
Scott Schwartz
Frank and Hilda Scudder
Dan and Stephanie Segall
Dr. Leelie Selassie
Molla Selassie
Aline and David Shader
Susan S. Sharkey
John and Melissa Shelk
Claudia Shinn
Robert and Jane Shinn
Paige Simpson
Maynard and Betty Smith
Mike Smith
Lynn and Dale Stanton-Hoyle
Richard and Christina Staufenberger
Naomi Stein
Roger and Cynthia Stevens
Kathleen Steeves
Lew Strader
Genevieve F. Stryker
Hon. Rip and Beth Sullivan
Erica L. Swanson
George E. Taylor
Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor
Halelluya Teshome
Mamush Teshome
Kristine Thompson
Larry and Gwen Tolbert
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg
Hilda Voigt
Gerald and Phyllis Vosburg
Linda Voss
Catherine and Kevin Waggoner
Nan and Richard S. Walden
Dr. Richard Warbasse
Kim and Tim Ward
Rob Warfel
Shirley Watt
Robb Wattters
Laurent Weibel
Edward and Louise White
Laura Wilcox and Donald Schwarz
Ben and Jacqueline Wilcox
Robert Wilden
Cheryl Scott Williams
Avery L. Wilson
Beth Anne Wilson and Marcello Estevao
George C. Wilson
Nathan Wilson
John and Phyllis Wimberly
Jenny Wise
Jean Vander Woude
Jean Wright
Sarah Wright
Melissa M. Zaikos
Charlotte A. Ziems
Anna Zelinsky
Harold Zirkin
Amazon (matching charity)
Century Capital Resources
Cera Products, Inc.
CMM Group, Inc.
Facebook (matching charity)
First Presbyterian Church
Foundation for Medical Research
Gospel Light Ministries USA
Hefler Performance Coaching
Ingleside at Rock Creek
IPG, Inc.
The Madison Group
Mathews Community Foundation
Miriam’s Kitchen
National Philanthropic Trust
Next Generation Broadband
Schwab Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Western Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church

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