Ethiopia Healthcare Network was launched by Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC. Our program began in 2001 as the Ethiopia Clinic mission at Western. To support broader partnership, the program reorganized as a non-profit corporation in December 2008.

Ethiopia Healthcare Network is a 501(c)3 public charity registered with the US Internal Revenue Service. EHN development offices are in metropolitan Washington, DC, and program offices are in Addis Ababa. Redeem the Generation is EHN’s Ethiopan NGO partner, licensed by the Ministry of Justice Charities and Societies Agency.

EHN Officers and Advisors are volunteers.



James R. Wilson, MA, STPP, President
Dr. Alemayehu Dinku, Medical Director
Ms. Meron Alemayehu, RN, Clinical Analyst
Ms. Telile D. Bayissa, MA, International Development
Ms. Tamara Horton, Program Chair, Women’s Occupational and Health Enablement; Founder, Studio Samuel Foundation
Mr. Abeje Wondimu, Network Manager


Ms. Sololia Amente, MA, Sustainable International Development (Addis Ababa)
Mr. Daniel N. Aberra, MSc Finance, Financial Administration and Econometrics
Mr. Mulusew Bekele, MPH, CHES, Director of Health Programs, African Services Committee
Mr. Solan Bongase, MS, Bioinformatics (John Hopkins), Addis Ababa University
Anne E. M. Van Gilson, MBA, Founder, Children’s Medical Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe
Jean Hoffman, President and CEO, Putney, Inc.
Dr. Uma Kelekar, Global Health Policy and Healthcare Management, Marymount University.
Maureen Campbell Lopina, Maternal Health
Dr. Leelie M. Selassie, MD, Critical Care, Inova Health System
Michael J. Smith, President, Mike Smith Public Affairs
Rev. John Wimberly, Ph.D., Pastor Emeritus, Western Presbyterian Church

Clinic Staff

Dr. Alemayehu Dinku, Medical Director
Mr. Melaku Sebhat, Executive Director, Redeem the Generation
Dr. Abebe Ketema, Pediatrician
Dr. Weini Tekilu, GP and Pediatric Medicine
Dr. Denekachew Asegidew, Gynecologist and Obstetrician
Sr. Zewiditu Eticha, Nurse
Mr. Gashaw Dinku, Senior Social Worker
Ms. Almaz Amerga, Senior Social Worker
Mr. Abeje Wondimu, Senior Social Worker, Accountant
Mr. Dereje Mekonnen, Social Worker


Ethiopia Healthcare Network
P.O. Box 3775
Washington, DC 20027 USA

Email: info@ethiopiahealth.org
Website: http://www.ethiopiahealth.org
Twitter: @ethiopiahealth

Program Office

LeAlem Higher Clinic
Sub City: Yeka
Woreda: 08
Telephone: +251 118 28 41 22 and +251 933 69 38 37
P.O.Box: 62888 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia