Ethiopia Healthcare Network partners with new and established charitable programs to improve impact, provide mutual support, and gain best value. Partners include African Services Committee, Redeem the Generation, and Studio Samuel Foundation.

African Services Committee

Founded in 1981 by Ethiopian refugees to give a helping hand to other newcomers, African Services Committee (ASC) is a multiservice agency based in Harlem, New York. Expanding HIV prevention and access to AIDS treatment and care is central to ASC’s mission in Ethiopia. African Services operates four HIV clinics in the country. ASC helps EHN by providing advice, including review of clinical procedures and expenses, for EHN’s healthcare program.

Redeem the Generation

Redeem the Generation (RTG) was formally established in 2001 by Ashenafi Addisu (Ashenafi died in 2007) as an advocacy and support agency for children with HIV. HIV was a horrible thing, ravaging Ethiopian children and families. RTG serves impoverished communities in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, and in four rural (sometimes inaccessible) locations. RTG’s goals are to: Empower younger generation, empower women and mothers, and empower highly-vulnerable children. Empowerment takes a number of different forms:

  • Empower with information — RTG conducts teaching, workshops, and disseminates information in five disparate locations in Ethiopia
  • Empower with skills — RTG provides clients with functional skills including counting and reading education. Skills are tied to a mission purpose, an outcome that is relevant to the client.
  • Empower with income generation skills, such as business management/finance training and microcredit. In one example, a cooperative of several women received a microcredit loan from RTG and was able to develop 20 times that amount in retained earnings after 18 months.

Redeem the Generation is EHN’s Ethiopan NGO partner, licensed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice Charities and Societies Agency. RTG disburses funds and provides management support for EHN programs. EHN is a medical care provider for RTG’s impoverished clients.

Studio Samuel Foundation

Studio Samuel Foundation (SSF) provides life skills, medical care, HIV treatments (if necessary) and sustainable options to young women as they break the cycle of poverty they were born into – with dignity – in Addis Ababa. Through Fair Trade lines and partnerships with local NGOs, Studio Samuel encourages a strong sense of community that teaches the effects of collective efforts. EHN provides SSF clients with medical care, including free obstetric/gynecological exams. One innovative SSF program is to provide women orphans with skills and resources to earn money and produce textile goods and clothing (pictured below).